Board Members

President– Deanna Hanna
 Working as a school nurse practitioner in the public schools, health and safety education were my main priorities for the students.  As a State Senator for Colorado, I kept a keen eye on all legislative proposals as to how the public’s health and safety would be affected. Serving on the Foundation continues my intense interest in promoting healthy and safe communities.


Vice President – Cassie Serpan, MS, RD

Cassie’s background in nonprofit and event management is what attracted her to join the organization.  She also is a professional Dietitian with great compassion for firefighter health and wellness.  Merging these two passions into one experience is what she enjoys about the Foundation.

Secretary-Treasurer – Loretta DiTirro
Working within communities to preserve their history, provide education and support the needs of our children and elderly are passions of Loretta. A good deal of her time has been volunteering in these areas, raising funds or tithing to promote these endeavors. Loretta is also a member of other boards whose focus is directed to the needs of the business community. As a Realtor, she understands the importance prospering businesses have to their community. Native to Colorado, she spends time as much time possible enjoying the outdoors.

Board of Directors Liason – Marta Murray


Board of Directors:

Bob Pence
Cathy Revie
Dean Wahl
Fred Wilhoft
Mike Carpenter
Liz Willis

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